Dream Emulation Project

DC Evolution was launched in January 2002 as the "Home of PD ROM Images", all the early CD Image releases contained emulators with Public Domain (Homebrew) ROMs, as time passed, CD Image releases progressed to games, demos and applications which showcased the versatility of the Dreamcast Independent community.

The Dream Emulation Project started in 2004 as a means for DC Evolution to go back to its roots. What began as a small project to create a simple CD Image compilation of ROMs with an emulator soon expanded to become a tribute to the Gameboy development scene. As fans of homebrew development, we couldn't stop there, and all systems emulated on the Dreamcast were considered for the project. Only three Dream Emulation Projects were released, others were shelved for one reason or another.

Dream Emulation Project - Gameboy / Gameboy Color

icon Here is the ultimate CD Image for Gameboy fans and its scene! It features almost every free quality Gameboy and Gameboy color rom out there (almost 600 are included!). Plus some nice extras.


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