If you are new to homebrew software for the Dreamcast, then this is a pretty good place to start! In this section we offer compilation CD Images of various Dreamcast homebrew software.

You can taste of a bit of everything with our Dream Selection images, Dream Selection Vol.1 was our first compilation (dating back to 2002) but it still features some great homebrew software for the Dreamcast. While you are here, why not try our specialised collections like Beats Of Rage Volume 1 and Volume 2?

All the CD Images come with a very easy to use menu, but if you do get stuck you can always ask for help at the DCEmulation forums.

Beats of Rage Collection - Volume 2

icon We've compiled the ultimate Beats of Rage collection with some of the finest mods the BoR world has to offer.


Dream Selection: Volume 1

icon Dream Selection Volume 1 is a compilation of some of the best homebrew games, applications,and tech demos the Dreamcast Scene has to offer. It's fully loaded with a total of 25 programs! You can listen to your MP3 collection, watch your favourite movies and view your JPEG files. Included games are clones of Tetris, Breakout and Space Invaders. Also, many more original game ideas can be found on this disc. Finally - several demo's are included, of which, many are fully interactive.

The Sandman: Dreamcast Demo Disk: Volume 1

icon This is the work-in-progress version of what was going to be a pressed cover CD given away free with the first issue of the DreamOn Magazine. DCEvolution had been working on this CD from 2004 but due to unforseen circumstances the magazine and CD distribution came to an abrupt end.

Beats of Rage Collection - Volume 1

icon "Beats of Rage in it's full glory!"
"This is a Beats of Rage collection that contains the full original game and also 5 completed mods, the first of its kind"
"Simply the best"

Dream Selection: Volume 2 - Tetris Clone Edition

icon Our second Dream Selection release features nothing but Tetris clones, this disc contains seven homebrew Dreamcast Tetris games and eight Public Domain Tetris games (that are running under various emulators on the DC). This selection comes with an advanced Dream Inducer menu where you can find all your information directly on your TV!

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