Applications - Various

icon This section contains CD Images of various applications: binary loaders, Import game Boot CDs, Dreamcast peripheral applications and other useful utility discs. Some of the CD Images are compiled as Boot Discs (meaning you will need to disc swap to use them to their full capacity). Many of the CD Images also contain extra bonus content, these have been created as samplers for you to test out the Dreamcast applications. Standard boot discs, plainfiles and sourcecode for the applications are also included where possible. If you are looking for VMU applications, check out our VMU section.



icon LinuxDC (aka DCLinux) is an attempt to port the Linux kernel, operating system, and applications to the Dreamcast console.



icon DCHakker (aka Dream Hakker, aka Dream Loader) is probably the most useful application CD you could have in your Dreamcast homebrew collection, it has the ability to boot scrambled and unscrambled binary files from a seperate multisession CDR. As an added bonus, DCHakker can display JPG pictures on your TV and play S3M music files.

NTSC and PAL Enforcer

icon NTSC Enforcer and PAL Enforcer are applications which attempt to force region locked games to run at opposite frequencies, NTSC Enforcer will attempt to force games to run at 60Hz, PAL Enforcer will attempt to force games to run at 50Hz.

Sylverant PSO Patcher

icon The Sylverant PSO Patcher is a boot disk which enables anyone with an original Dreamcast version of Phantasy Star Online to play the game on private servers without the need for any separate application codes. The patcher also adds support for online play with versions of PSO that did not work on private servers in the past.

Dream Photo Manager

icon Dream Photo Manager is a small application for anyone that has the DreamEye camera peripheral.


Memory Flashrom

icon Memory Flashrom is an application to clear the current data in your Dreamcast's memory, it will return the memory to factory settings, just as if you plugged your Dreamcast in and booted it up for the first time.


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