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This section contains CD Images of various multimedia applications: MP3, OGG, FLAC and many other formats of music players, movie players supporting AVI, MPEG, DivX and XviD among others, there are also picture and text viewers available.

Almost all the CD Images are compiled as 'Boot Discs', meaning you will need to disc swap to use them to their full capacity. Most of the CD Images contain extra bonus content, these are meant as samplers for you to test out the Dreamcast applications, but along with these, there are standard boot discs for you. A lot of the CD Images here contain long forgotten or hard to find software, some are standalone promotional items, either way, we're sure you'll find something of interest in this section.

JPEG Slideshow

icon JPEG Slideshow is a basic picture viewer created by Jon Reeser, it was later enhanced and developed into the Slideshow application by Nathan Whitehead.


icon DCPlaya is a multimedia player for the Dreamcast, some of the audio formats supported are MP3, OGG, CDDA, SPC, SID, and MOD. The application also supports DivX, XviD, and FLV video files. Pictures and text can also be displayed and visual plugins can be used for onscreen effects.


icon Slideshow is a Dreamcast application to view JPG images on your TV.



icon IMSlider (aka Image Slider) is a Dreamcast application to view pictures on your TV, the application was written with KOS and SDL libraries which support JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG and many other formats.


icon This is a very early (July 2000) MPEG1 video player for the Dreamcast created by CyRUS64, BoobPlay was eventually superseded by GypPlay which enabled adding multiple videos to a CD and playback control functions.


icon This is a CD Image featuring the sc68 music archive, the archive contains the AtariST and Amiga soundchip music that isn't available in the MOD format. Over 1,800 songs are included!


icon DreamBee is a basic music player created for the Dreamcast by Ian Micheal, the application can play MP2 and MP3 audio files, it includes disk swap support, a file browser, and VMU animation during playback is also included.


icon Here we present Brian Postma's Dreamcast version of his Soundmon player along with 132 modules. Soundmon is an Amiga music format in the true oldschool style, the format itself was created by Brian Postma (who also made the editors for creating the music).


icon GypPlay is an MPEG1 movie Player for the Dreamcast created by The Gypsy, originally written for playing VideoCD files, the application can play virtually any MPEG1 videos. Development of the movie player started in 2000, and ended with the last release featured here (V2.0) winning first place in Lik Sang's y2kode competition.


icon With this CD Image you can listen to over 27,000 classic Commodore 64 songs! The sound interface chip (SID) was one of the key factors that made the Commodore 64 legendary, it's more than bleep-blop music.


icon DCMP3 is an early MP3 player for the Dreamcast, its features include a JPG viewer which can be used to produce theme backdrops when playing tracks, a screensaver, and Playlist creation.

To Eleven

icon This Dreamcast CD Image uses Patrick Swieskowski's 'To Eleven' MP3 player and features 'The Nine Inch Nails: The Slip' complete album from the official Nine Inch Nails site.


icon uDCDivX (unofficial DCDivX) is a multimedia player, the application is a continuation by Mekanaizer of Marc Dukette's DCDivX, it is based on the sourcecode from DCDivX Beta 4 and features upgraded support for videos. DivX (AVI) encoded movies, MP3 audio, and OGG audio files are supported, but theme support was not enabled in the original release.


icon VC/DC is a multimedia player, the application was mainly created for playback of VideoCD movies on the Dreamcast, but MPG videos and MP3 audio files are also supported. The application also has theme support similar to DCDivX, which means you can create onscreen wallpaper to match the audio and video content on the CD.


icon GhettoPlayVorbis is an early media player for the Dreamcast, it features Dan Potter's GhettoPlay menu and is the only Dreamcast homebrew application to concentrate solely on the OGG music format. Created by Thorsten Titze (using libogg and libvorbis code), the application is limited visually, but has very good playback quality.


icon DCDivX is a multimedia player, the application was mainly created for playback of DivX encoded movies on the Dreamcast, but MP3 and OGG audio files are also supported. The application also has theme support, which means you can create onscreen wallpaper to match the audio and video content on the CD.

MP3 Player

icon This is another audio player for the Dreamcast, the application is limited with support for MP3 files only, but can be used with multisession CDRs.


icon DreamMP3 is an MP3 player for the Dreamcast, the GUI is based on the Dream68 release by the same author, and the software later became the multimedia player DCPlaya.

DC Movie Player

icon DC Movie Player is a multi-media application for the Dreamcast, it has the ability to play a variety of video and audio formats including AVI, VCD, MP3, OGG, and many others. The application is an early Dreamcast player created by bero, the same author who ported many of the older First Person Shooters to the console.


icon DCVCD is a VCD, SVCD, and MPEG movie player for the Dreamcast, the application is an early evaluation version created by bero.



icon DreamAMP is an early Dreamcast MP3 player created by Lienus, it also displays JPG pictures as background theme images for the menu, the functions are limited with the application but the playback is very good.


icon D.I.S.S. (Dragyn's Image Slide Show) is a Dreamcast application to view JPG images on your TV.



icon This is a CD Image using the GameBoy/GameBoy Color Emulator DCGNUBoy with modified GBS files, GBS (Gameboy Sound System) files are music and sound samples extracted from Gameboy games and compiled into ROMs for playback on emulators or original hardware.


icon This image is virtually a Mini-Dream Selection containing the ASMA (Atari SAP Music Archive) with over 1,900 music files, the Dreamcast SAP player is by Christian Nowak.



icon DC-Flash is a Flash movie player ported to the Dreamcast by Scherzo, the application uses sourcecode from the GPLFlash project.

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